Club de Ski Alpin Bel Ami - 50th season

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Mountain code of conduct

Practice your sport safely by following the mountain code of conduct;

  • Safety helmet; is mandatory in the snow parcs and highly recommended at all times.
  • Control; remain in control of your speed and direction, and choose trails to your level of ability.
  • On trails; yield to persons downhill from you. On the slopes, one has a clearer view of those below; you have the responsibility for maneuvering to avoid them.
  • Don't hog the road; stop on a trail only if you are visible from above and if you are not obstructing the trail. It is preferable to stop only on the side of a trail.
  • When entering a trail; yield the right of way to persons uphill; you must avoid cutting off another person who has already started a descent.
  • Help the ski patrol; if you are involved in or witness an accident, remain at the scene and identify yourself to a ski patroller. You must help a person that is injured.
  • Hold on to your equipment; use and wear at all times a proper device to prevent runaway equipment. You must use a safety mechanism that prevents your equipment from getting away and injuring another person. In the case of skis, this would consist of the braking system built into the bindings, while for snowboards, one uses a leash.
  • No Alcohol and drugs; these substances weaken mental capacities and affect people's ability to react rapidly and remain in control of their movements.
  • Respect signs; obey all signs and warnings, and never venture off the trails or onto a closed trail.

Preventive measures

Safety is a priority for the organizers of the Club.

We focus on three (3) essential elements to avoid accidents and incidents; established and orderly procedures, the following of rules, and a close collaboration with the representatives of the ski resort.

Key operating measures;

  • Club monitors in each bus,
  • taking attendance in the buses after the morning departure and before leaving at the end of the day,
  • free introductory ski or snow board lessons for new members during the first two outings(see Information section),
  • Bel Ami monitors, easily identified by their identical ski costume, are present at all the outings,
  • Bel Ami monitors appointed to safety at each outings, acting in case of an accident as support to the ski patrols from the ski resort,
  • the use of walkie-talkies,
  • compliance to the rules and as needed the use of disciplinary measures (see Rules section).

Following the rules of the Club and those of the ski resort is important to maintain order and to reduce the risk of an accident or an incident.

The Club monitors ensure that outings proceed in an orderly fashion and work in close collaboration with the various representatives of the ski center.

The ski patrollers at the resort enforce the rules on the ski slopes and administer first aid as needed.

In case of an accident

In case of an accident on the ski hills;

  • the ski patrollers from the resort are always present on the slopes and are trained to administer first aid,
  • when an accident occurs, a monitor from the Club will accompany the injured member,
  • if needed a monitor will contact a parent,
  • the ski patrollers will decide of the need for a follow-up at a hospital,
  • if a visit to a hospital is needed, the ski patrollers will decide on the method of transportation; a Bel Ami monitor will contact a parent who will need to go to the hospital,
  • while waiting for the parent to arrive, a Bel Ami monitor will accompany the injured member,
  • if an ambulance is needed, the costs will be paid by the parents,

Hence, the importance for the Club in having;

  • the medical insurance card number,
  • a telephone and/or cellphone number to reach a parent during the outings.