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Information on how the Club functions and how outings are organized;

  • Becoming a member
  • Equipment sales and rentals
  • Club outings - In and outside the region
  • Transportation
  • Lessons
  • Useful links

Becoming a member

I'd like to register - Form
  • Be at least 9 years of age on December 31
  • Be a full time student
  • Reside in the City of Gatineau or L'Ange-Gardien

Take advantage of our annual pre-registration weekend on November 22-23, 2019 to register. Dates will be published in local newspapers, on the home page of the Club's Internet website and on our Facebook group page.

Registration Registration (Sport Expert Buckingham)
New and returning members $110 $120 (Sports Experts)
Family (three or more members) $100 (Registration) $110 (Sports Experts)

Registrations will continue at Sports Experts, Buckingham location, from November 25th until December 15th 2019. Registration at the table will be accepted during the ski season, cost is $120.00

Gatineau and L'Ange-Gardien non-residents may join at 150% of the cost: $165 during Pre-registration or $180 at Sports Experts. For families with 3 members or more, cost is ($155) during Pre-registration and ($170) at Sports Experts.

To register, you must bring:

  • your student card
  • your medical insurance card
  • the Parental Authorization Form and your Registration Form signed by a parent (see the Rules section)
  • in case of an emergency: two or three telephone numbers where we can reach a parent
  • cash or cheque

Membership benefits are:

  • free transportation for all Club outings
  • important savings on the cost of the lift ticket for all Club outings
  • for new members, two free lessons for beginners during the first two outings of the season that are highly recommended
  • the rental of ski or snow board equipment at a preferred rate of $14,25 at the Mont Cascades Resort during the Club outings and with a 20% rebate during your own outings from Sunday to Friday
  • for your safety, mini-skis will not be rented to members
  • a 30% rebate on lift tickets during your own day time outings at the Mont Cascades Resort from Sunday to Friday
  • a 20% rebate on the purchase of regular priced merchandise at the Mont Cascades Resort ski store
  • a rebate for the parents on the cost of a lift ticket during the Club outings


  • Read and follow the rules of the Club in the Rules section; misconduct can lead to a suspension or the loss of your membership status.

Equipment sale

Once a year, the Club organizes a used Equipment sale; skis, poles, boots, snow boards and clothing.

This sale is held during the annual membership registration weekend.

Purchases are made in cash or by cheque.

To sell your equipment:

  • bring your equipment at the opening of the annual registration weekend
  • decide on a sale price
  • if a buyer is found, the Club retains 10% of the sale price for the operation of the Club
  • return no later than 3:30 pm on the Saturday, prior to the closing of the registration weekend, and pick-up any of your unsold equipment
  • if your equipment is sold, the Club will mail you a cheque for your portion of the sale


  • Bring your equipment early and improve your chances of a sale.

Equipment rental

You are entitled to a significant reduction on the rental of equipment during the outings in the region.

Bring your membership card to the rental shop at the ski resort, and rent skis or snow boarding equipment for the price of $14.25 at the Mont Cascades Resort during the Club outings.

A member can also obtain a 20% rebate on rentals during his own outings from Sunday to Friday.

A guest must pay the regular cost for renting equipment.

Mini-skis will not be rented to a member or a guest.

An identification card is needed for renting equipment.

The member is responsible for the loss, theft or damage of the rented equipment.

Club outings

The Club organizes two (2) types of outings; outings within our region and those outside of our region.

The date and location of the outings are found in the Calendar section.

An outing may be cancelled due to poor ski conditions, ski centre closure or hazardous road conditions.

You must always bring your membership card, this card is your passport for participating in all Club outings. If you are unable to present your membership card, a $10 fee may be applied in the buses.

You must always wear your membership card visibly on your coat. The card identifies you as a Club member, it is needed to obtain the various rebates, and it will enable the Club volunteers to help you in case of an accident.

There is no transportation costs for members.

The lift ticket for all outings are available at a reduced cost for members. The cost may vary according to the ski centre that is visited.

A guest may accompany a member but must take the Club's morning bus transportation. A guest will need to pay for the cost of transportation and for the lift ticket which will vary according to the ski centre visited.

A guest for the 2019-2020 season must be at least 9 years old on December 31st and be a full time student.

There is no rebate for a guest who rents equipment.

A guest must also follow Club rules and is subject to the same disciplinary measures as the members.

A guest must have his medical insurance card with him during the outings.

Parents of members are also welcomed and will have a rebate on the lift ticket when they are with their child.

Taking preventive measures is your best protection against theft at the ski center;

  • Don't leave any object of value in the ski lodge or unattended; the monitors are not responsible for your belongings.
  • Lock your skis or your snow board when you must leave them unattended.


  • Plan your needs for the day, forgotten ski equipment could spoil your outing.
  • Bring the exact change, this could save you a delay in getting your lift ticket.
  • Check the weather forecast in planning what you will wear, an extra piece of clothing in your bag is good insurance against cold weather.
  • Bring a change of socks, dry socks will keep your feet warmer.
  • Bring a good lunch with extras for the afternoon, you'll appreciate the snack and the cost savings.
  • Minimize your baggage, it will make your walk from the parking lot to the ski hill easier as you will also need to carry your ski or snow boarding equipment.
  • Clearly identify your bags, many bags can look similar and someone could mistake it for theirs.

Outings in the region

Outings in the region for the 2019-2020 season are at the Mont Cascades Resort (819-827-0301).

Arrive at the departure point for 8 am, the morning departure time for the buses is 8:30 am.

Leave the lodge at 3:30 pm as the departure time for the buses is no later than 4:00 pm.

Departure and arrival times for evening outings differ from regular outings. See the Calendar section for the dates and times of these outings.

Cost for an outing out of the region during the 2019-2020 season is: TBD

By bus By organizers (at the table)
Member $10 $10
Young guest $35 Not allowed
Parent $35 $20

Outings outside the region

Every year, the Club organizes 2 outings outside the region. The ski resorts visited vary from season to season.

The cost for these outings are usually higher than for those in the region, and will be published on the internet site in the week prior to the outing.

The date as well as the departure and return time for the outings outside the region will be published in the Calendar section.


The point of departure and return for the buses for all the outings is behind the Buckingham Shopping Center.

We ask parents to be extra careful with their vehicles and to avoid the parking area for the buses as well as parking along snowbanks adjacent to the drop-off area. Your children are walking in this area and we want to prevent accidents.

Members, when you arrive, bring your skis or your snow board in a bag to the small bus designated for their transportation. An equiment bag is mandatory and necessary for safety and to protect your equipment.

The Club cannot be held responsible for damages to equipment during the transportation.

Bring your boots and other bags with you in the buses or use the luggage compartment.

Departure time for the buses is strickly followed.

The bus will not make any stops during the trip.

During the bus ride, it is important for your safety that you follow the rules of conduct described in the Rules section.

Attendance is taken and the outing fee is collected in the buses after their departure.

Remember the name of the volunteers in charge of your bus and your bus number.

The lift ticket is distributed by the monitors when you arrive at the ski resort. It must be worn visibly on your ski coat with your Club membership card.

The distribution of lift tickets at the table ends at 10:00 am.

For the return trip, you must with no exception take the same bus as the one taken during the morning trip.

Before leaving the ski resort, attendance is taken again while boarding the bus.

Buses are not permitted to leave before all persons are accounted for. If you are not returning with the buses, you must personally inform one of the volunteers from your bus with your non-return form signed by a parent.

It is important that the parents be present for the arrival of the buses at the end of the day. For safety and operating reasons, repetitive lateness of a parent can lead to sanctions to the member.


  • Leave the ski lodge 30 minutes before the departure of the buses. This will give you sufficient time to load your skis and boards in the bus to meet your friends and to take a seat in a bus.
  • Avoid being late at the end of the day, and avoid delaying the departure of all the buses for the return trip.
  • Identify your ski or snowboard bag, it will be easier to find.


We strongly recommend that all the new novice members take beginners' lessons that are organized by the Club.

These lessons for ski and snowboard beginners are free to new members. They are given by instructors from the ski resort during the first two outings of the Club.

A new member may participate either in the lessons of the first or the second outing, and if required can participate in the lessons of both of these outings.

These lessons cannot be taken at a later date.


  • Skiing and snow boarding techniques are very different. Lessons will make it easier for you to make the transition from one to the other.